Daughter of Races – A synopsis of my novel for all interested parties

It is the story of Brysaella Stronghand, an orphan of mixed heritage but her looks are predominantly elven and her personality very much the rash nature of man.  She works at an inn in a harbour town called Salmis.  The inn is run by a friend of her father’s who adopted her upon the death of her parents, he also adopted other foundlings after her and they all work at the inn until they apprentice out for other jobs or marry or just move on.  But Bry, despite being around 70 or 80 (she looks about 20 though because of her elven blood) still works at the inn, and she has helped to raise most of her adoptive siblings, the one closest to her being her mortal sister Saveira, who is around 19 years of age.

The action begins when a visitor comes to the inn for the purpose of stealing a violet stone that Bry found on the beach.  She thinks nothing of the stone but in actuality it is an all powerful Mage’s stone.  Purple being the colour of stone wielded by the all-powerful Mages.  Because depending on the colour of stone that indicated the area in which a Mage would be gifted.  Rhyuthan, the only Mage known to be still living had been gifted with a green stone, and his powers had been over earth and stone, but dissatisfied and seeking more power he slew all of his fellow Mages in one bloody night, thinking they were hiding the violet stone that was rightfully his from him.  He found no purple stone, but he did make an amalgamate stone from all of the stones of all of his kindred that he killed.  So upon hearing of a simple hostess at an inn having the stone he hired a thief to take it and also to kidnap Saveira as a prize for the man who had discovered the stone’s location.

But all doesn’t go according to plan, the thief and henchmen lose the stone, which needless to say when they return to Rhyuthan empty-handed save for all but a girl things don’t end well.

Upon discovering that Saveira has been taken by agents of Rhyuthan Bry sets out to go find and save her sister.  A foolhardy decision but Bry’s best friend Anglesey, the voice of reason in her life, has already left on the ship he’s first mate on to go to the elven island colony where his father lives and the main trade partner of the city of Salmis.

So she sets off, her adoptive father giving her a few wise words and instructing her to find a distant relative of her father’s, Rivalen.  So off she goes, finds the man Rivalen, is joined by a friend from the inn and they go to seek the advice of the elves and from there they infiltrate Rhyuthan’s and steal his conglomerate stone but Saveira is not there.  They then have to seek out the Dragon Lords because only dragon fire can destroy a Mage’s stone.  Reason being the Mages are the descendants of the union of Dragon-Lords and the race of Man and so they’re very closely tied to the Dragon Lords, even if the Dragon-Lords have been living in isolation for centuries now, coolly observing the affairs of the other races with no interest or interference.

Rhyuthan’s stone is destroyed, and his power weakened, but his chief military commander seizes control after this, and unlike Rhyuthan, he lacks any wisdom to his evilness and decides to cross the mountains and wage war on all the other races, hoping to dominate all of Taragonia, not just the lands to the west of the mountains.  In fact this man, who had been dabbling in dark arts, trying to learn magic, gets control of Bry, who has been revealed to be descended from Mages and thus has magical powers, he manipulates her through mind control and uses her to help him in his war, fortunately, help comes, she’s freed and rushes to go help defend her home city of Salmis which the right hand man who has no name at the moment, is going to attack by sea and land.

The good guys win and an ongoing almost romance finally blossoms and the bad guys die, the end.



Unless I write a sequel.