Women are NOT minorities.

Let me just repeat that women are NOT minorities.

So often you hear women just being lumped in with minority groups or just presumed as one, which is ridiculous.  There are more women on this planet than men and we obviously come in every size, shape, color, social class, and from all regions of the earth, we’re kind of necessary for life like that.  So when someone refers to women and minorities as if they’re the same thing it kind of bothers me.  Like we’re some oppressed, deprived, under privileged waifs in need of legislation to make the world all rosy and peaches for us.  Excuse you we are the most dominant people group on the planet.  And with every first world country now having equal rights we really hold a lot of power, we just tend to use it wrong.

We don’t use our massive majority to effect change as much as we do to just bitch about stuff and how about our lot in life is so unfair, replacing the idea of the knight in shining armor (because that’s SO sexist and unfair) with the great and glorious government, who will solve all our woes and trials if they just pass this or that law or legislation.  Rather than getting off our can and forging the way despite adversity we sit and whine about what we don’t like.  Hate to break it to my fellow females but maybe the reason you’re not getting that promotion isn’t because you’re a woman it might be because you’re a sniveling brat with entitlement issues who doesn’t want to work and wants things handed to her.  Just saying that could be the case.

I’m not saying sexism doesn’t exist, but it exists on both sides.  Women sit around and gossip about how terrible men are or have been to them, we drag a whole group of people down because of a few bad apples that we’ve picked.  But the men aren’t up in arms about how we limit them to a few shallow stereotypes.

We complain about the objectification of our sex and how womanhood is being degraded.  But think how much would be done for the reduction of objectification if women stopped buying Vogue and Cosmopolitan until they started writing about more than just diets, fashion and sex.  As not only the predominant people group on the planet but also the chief spenders, especially in areas of clothing and cosmetics, we wield a lot of power.  If women helped each other rather than sitting in judgement on one another then how much more change could we effect.

We complain that we’re only noticed for our bodies but still bind ourselves in chains as willing slaves to fashion, when we, to quote Shakespeare “we are the makers of fashion”.  If we didn’t buy skin-tight clothes or super short skirts then the companies would stop selling them and the designers would go looking for a trend that would sell.  And before anyone gets on their high horse about how it shouldn’t matter what a woman is wearing or not wearing she should always be respected.  That is true, to a point.  Respect yes.  But don’t expect a guy to take you too seriously when your tatas are hanging out to here! It’s life, you’re trying to deny the existence of hormones.  Guys are gonna look and they might not listen to what you have to say, no matter how clever, when your cleavage is staggering.  And I’m not saying guys can’t think while in the presence of an attractive woman, not true.  What I am saying is that wearing revealing clothes detracts from the amount of serious consideration a woman will receive.  It’s life, it’s the birds and the bees, it’s how things work.  Women aren’t guiltless in the reverse either.  I mean how closely are you going to be listening to what Mr. Chiseled-Chest is saying as he walks around shirtless?  You’ll listen but you’ll also be distracted by what you see.  I mean I’ve experienced this, one of my good guy pals wasn’t even shirtless, it was just the top two or three buttons on his shirt that were undone and I literally spaced out for a half minute on what he was saying because I was admiring the proper and perfectly adequate amount of chest hair that God had endowed him with while standing across from him.  Was I “objectifying” him, not really, distraction because of attraction happens.  I mean seriously, if our brains didn’t get fuzzy because of hormones I doubt as many people would be getting busy.  I mean seriously? take out attraction and the brainfuzz it causes and sex is just a little less appealing.

So in conclusion, we women should stop trying to pin the blame on men, stop whining about everything, actually embrace the fact that we hold a great deal of power and with great power comes great responsibility and most importantly, we should stop judging each other and instead try to help each other out.  Don’t silently stand in judgement of the girl who poses for dirty magazines that you went to high school with, reach out and try to help her out.  Just stop judging each other on shallow things and stop gossiping and try to help one another.  I mean we’re the largest people group on the planet, if we just did that, if women just stopped bickering and backstabbing and judging and gossiping just imagine how much the world would change.  Let’s stop asking the government to solve every problem and whining about CEOs and focus on a little tranquility between each other first.