Insight on Extroversion: When Tigger loses his bounce

Okay, the general consensus on extroverts is that we’re all bouncy bouncy fun fun fun 100% of the time.  This is false.  We can have black moods, very black ones.  And usually brought on for the same reason that Tigger the super extroverted Tiger of Pooh fame lost his bounce for a while.  Because we feel people don’t like us as we are, and as extroverts, not to say introverts don’t like being liked, but our happiness hinges on having others being happy around us.  We love hogging the show and stealing the spotlight but most of us really just want everyone around us to be having a grand time and to love us as much as we love them and love ourselves.  But when we feel they don’t love us as much as we love them, loving ourselves becomes harder which means being ourselves becomes harder.  Because we’re not sure if people actually like having a walking talking bouncehouse bounding alongside them, and that maybe we’re supposed to tone it down so more people will like us.  Everyone wants to be loved, but extroverts especially, we have to know that we’re wanted, that we’d be missed, or otherwise it’s all doom and gloom and we change from Tigger into Eyeore trying to put on a brave face for the world, and pretending to be bouncy fun fun fun when we really feel glum.  Or sometimes much deeper than just glum.  We wonder if the world would miss us?  If anyone actually cares?  Yes.  Extroverts can get depressed, can have suicidal thoughts, and don’t for a minute think that because they’re good at pouring out love means that we don’t need to be poured into too!