Is it Society or our Celebrities?

I sit back and I see all the images and trending news and I wonder, is society to blame or are our celebrities?  Because when did running around half-naked become the norm?  And is it society or the competition to stay relevant in the land of movie screens and record deals that’s to blame for women becoming objects who bare their skin just to get attention.  Did the glamour of hollywood and the competition to be relevant in that world make dresses run up to a girls buns and cover nothing more than what is necessary to be covered for tv viewing.

An actress has a “wardrobe malfunction” and it’s front page news, never mind the fact that 90% of her publicity photos she’s halfway nude.  Things are so skewed and strange.  I honestly don’t understand.  On the one hand we make huge deals over what brand of heels a female star wears on the carpet but we’re content to sit back and relax as some guy just plays his guitar, not caring whether his plaid or suit came from Sax 5th Avenue or the local outlet mall.

I’m not saying men are to blame for women being viewed as objects, they’re the last to be blamed.  Ladies, we did this to ourselves, and whether society is to blame and celebrities just took their cue from it or whether they started the trend the blame for us being objects is on ourselves.  You can’t expect to run around showing off everything you got and then cry foul when the guys don’t take you seriously.  Heck, it’s not just them, your own female peers aren’t going to take you seriously.  We may smile and be polite but in our heads we’re thinking man-trap and tramp and every other dirty name.  Guys notice because we show it.  It’s not them objectifying us, it’s us going after guys who aren’t worth it in the first place.  Because if you gotta dress like a hooker to hook him he ain’t worth your time sweetie.  So do yourself a favor and dress like a lady and maybe you’ll find a real man.  And even if you don’t you’ll have your self respect back and be able to feel at home in your own skin, not like you gotta dress a certain way to attract a male’s attention.  Dress classy and you will feel better about you and the world might just take you a little more seriously.

Don’t let the cover of Vogue tell you what to believe about yourself or the painful words of your ex or the boy in 3rd grade who said you were too tall.  Or your high school flame who pressured you into giving your all.  Ignore the haters and fix your eyes on what is good and pure and what has a good rep.  Find the iconic clothes that are the most timeless, you’ll find they’re all pretty conservative where the length and cleavage are concerned.  Your classic little black dress and your jeans with a cute top will never go out of style and you don’t have to show it all to be pretty in fact when you dress for you and to be comfortable is when you’ll feel the most at home.

So while I still wonder whether the media or our own moral decline is to blame for see-through dresses and shorts that run up to our behind, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s up to us to dress in a way that proves we have minds and souls and aren’t just objects to be toyed with.  Blaming other things is an easy way out, but how we dress effects how others view us, and how we dress is our responsibility.  So stay classy ladies.