The Measure of All Things

It is difficult, going through life, trying to measure your looks against that slightly more attractive person standing two people up from you in line.  Or measure your goodness against that person who spends their weekends doing charity while you float the river with your friends.

As humans we measure ourselves constantly against others and how we think others perceive us.  We feel inadequate because we’re not as good as our friends.  Or worse, as good as the strangers we pass on the street.

But the real news is this, you don’t have to measure up.  You’re fearfully and wonderfully made and God gave you all those quirks and passions you have.  The glorious news is that the only person you have to answer to for how you look and behave is God.  No one else has any authority over you.  Not unless you let them.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”  ~Eleanor Roosevelt