What we choose to believe in?

There are all sorts of things you can choose to believe in or choose to not believe in.  Everything from unicorns and dragons to God and gravity can be believed in or have their existence denied, sometimes with major consequences.  But I was thinking specifically how as flawed and fallen creatures us humans would rather believe in the bogey man, the monster from under our beds, the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween and all sorts of dark and malevolent things than in a good and loving heavenly father.

I was brought to think about this because of a Doctor Who episode, ‘Listen’, was it’s title and it focused on how the monster under our bed and childish nightmare could be a real thing, or could not be.  It left it very open for you to decide whether it was real or just a bunch of coincidences and the monster was never really there.  I concluded that the creature was real, at least in the Whoniverse, and that made me think for a minute.  How in our real and actual non-television show world how many times God’s divine providence is written off as good luck and coincidence.  Even when we pray for something and we receive it how often do we thank our Creator for the gift, usually we just write it off, well it would have happened eventually anyways is what we seem to say.  And in the world of non-believers how often do they deny His existence by saying, well it’s all an accident.  We’re just here by chance, that time I survived a deadly car crash as a child was just good luck.  We daily slap our Creator and Saviour in the face with each time we write off his daily miracles as coincidence, yet you’ll find more people likely to believe that vampires and zombies could be real things than that a loving father made them in His own likeness.

Why is this?

One potential reason is that we don’t have a free and generous gift waiting for us in the hands of the bogey man.  We are offered terror and our primal fears with the Frankenstein monsters coming out from the closet, there is no gift of love and grace that calls us to turn away from our weak and fallen human nature and become something stronger than we could if we continued with the basic package.  It’s like the most amazing upgrade package, members only perks, eternal season pass, and best promotion ever, and people don’t want to believe it’s real and it’s really there because if they do it means they have to accept a gift that calls us to change.  A gift so extravagant that our hearts can’t help but change because we’ve received such lavish grace that our gratitude pours out in a changed life proclaiming Christ’s glory for the world.  A response to this magnificent free gift that calls us to turn away from our sins and live in Him.  A super awesome power that comes on us that allows us to face something far more frightening than the monster from under our beds or the nightmares of childhood, it allows us to face our old self in the light of the truth and to move on from our crippling falleness to live in His grace daily, and live for something eternal, not simply be driven by our primal fears and animal instincts.


The Measure of All Things

It is difficult, going through life, trying to measure your looks against that slightly more attractive person standing two people up from you in line.  Or measure your goodness against that person who spends their weekends doing charity while you float the river with your friends.

As humans we measure ourselves constantly against others and how we think others perceive us.  We feel inadequate because we’re not as good as our friends.  Or worse, as good as the strangers we pass on the street.

But the real news is this, you don’t have to measure up.  You’re fearfully and wonderfully made and God gave you all those quirks and passions you have.  The glorious news is that the only person you have to answer to for how you look and behave is God.  No one else has any authority over you.  Not unless you let them.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Faith and Tears

It doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to break down, cry, scream at the walls, but it means that even after all that you know God will be there for you.  You know your world is falling apart but you persevere because you know God has a purpose for you, no matter how lost you feel, He knows exactly where you are.  Always.