There goes Johnny

Johnny Manziel, Heisman winner, leader of the team that beat Bama, professional quarterback, and walking disaster.

The boy ends up in my news feed every other week it seems, he’s always up to something stupid and damaging to his career.  And while there’s no excuse for acting out like he does, there are some reasons that in conjunction with his immaturity make a combustible situation for Johnny Football.

I sympathize for the boy, I almost pity him for the riches he grew up in, easy living leads to lack of determination down the line.  And as a college age kid I really feel what is driving him.  Adulthood is hard, like really hard.  I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like to be my age and thrown under all the pressure that he is with all the opportunities for vice just laying out there.  When he joined the NFL at the end of his Sophomore year a child got thrown into a candy shop and asked to be responsible.  I said it then, and I’ll say it again, he should have stayed in college another year.

So while there is no excuse for what Johnny Stupid is doing now, my heart bleeds for him, because he’s got a hundred times the pressure on him that I’ve got on me and at the same age, and not gonna lie, sometimes the stress in my life makes me want to snap and lose it, I can’t imagine what it’s like living the life he does, with all the extra responsibilities on shoulders that are only six days younger than mine.  I mean I feel I did good when I get the dishes washed every two days, I can’t imagine doing two-a-days to earn my pay and then having more money than sense to go squander.

So we shouldn’t be heaping condemnation on the poor wayward Texas boy, he needs prayers, because only Jesus can save us, and Johnny is about to turn into Johnny Tragedy if he doesn’t hit his knees and sober up and stay out of trouble.