Keep Cap Straight

Call me old fashioned, but so is Steve Rogers, and the idea that people want his character to be made homosexual proves their ignorance and lack of respect for the character that the world has come to know and love for three quarters of a century.  I understand that they want representation, and while I don’t agree with the lifestyle they want represented I do see why they would want it, but can we leave Steve Rogers alone?  Seriously.

Nowhere in his canon that spans longer than the lives of most people still living is there anything besides him being interested in women.  Even in the movies he’s been straight, old fashioned and highly moral.  In all of his stand-alone movies his love interest is female.  He has been established both in comics and in the MCU as a heterosexual male, who has a thing for Carter girls. haha.  But honestly, it would be such a cheap publicity shot to throw gay on Captain America that anyone with the aesthetic of a boar would be outraged by it.  Have a gay superhero if you must, but don’t do it to one of the oldest heroes in all of comic book existence! It doesn’t fit his character as it has been established and it does nothing for the story.

Futhermore, beyond the aesthetic, the tradition and the moral, there is the fact that if the hashtagging imbeciles of social media had their way they would be denigrating one of the most poignant and beautiful friendships in fiction to a simple carnal instinct with some gay romance thrown on top.  Because it truly seems that no one these days is capable of appreciating a true platonic friendship, regardless of gender or sexuality, without wanting to heap on the sexual tension and making an outcry about sexual subplots.  Come on folks, why can’t we leave pure friendship as simply pure friendship.

Were my best friend and I fictional characters in a popular series, or famous in any way there would be reems of fanfiction and theories about us having a sexual subplot because hey, we’re two people who care for each other very much and that must mean we’re secretly desiring to be lovers… I don’t think so.  For one, the Bucky to my Steve is happily married to a man and straight, and two I’m also very much a heterosexual female, but good luck trying to convince the addled adolescents of the internet that if we were characters in a book, movie, or show.   I understand deep friendship like Steve and Bucky, which is why I cherish their character’s untainted loyalty to each other, because it’s how my best friend and I am.  Like I said, she is the Bucky to my Steve, after much deliberation we honed down our fictional counterparts to those two because that sums us up so well. She is the one I look up to but I get surprised when I find she looks up to me too, she’s the one that is upstanding I’m the one that borders on priggish and while I have the outgoing brash personality of Bucky and she’s a little more of a quiet Steve, the comparison still stands for us, and for our level of closeness. And  I would hate to see an exemplary friendship sullied with unnecessary sexual overtones.  And that goes for any friendship, regardless of sexuality or gender involved.  And that is exactly what would happen if Steve and Bucky were to be made gay.

So Captain America does NOT need a boyfriend.  Honestly no character ever except maybe Bella Swan whose personality was as exciting as overcooked oatmeal, or some harlequin heroine, ever needed a love interest.  Let characters be themselves and don’t seek to alter their canon existence to fit agendas or fill a hole.  They’re fine the way they are, we love them the way they are.  Steve Rogers has been a beloved hero for seventy-five years, leave the old man alone.  Go find someone with less history and more character traits that would make a different sexuality more plausible rather than just latching onto the biggest name in Marvel just to have someone to carry the rainbow banner.  It’s not his character, it never has been, and it never should be.  Leave a good thing as it is.  That is all.

And seriously y’all, let friends be friends without insisting on sexual tension.




How Feminism has ruined my life

Before you jump to the conclusion that this is just me whining on my side to balance out the irate complaints of feminists, when I say the movement has ruined my life, I mean it’s ruined every woman who is aware enough to realize it’s life. My grievances against the movement are not just confined to myself.  If they were, it wouldn’t be the movement’s fault more than likely, just my own hypersensitivity and desire for victimhood.

To begin with, feminism has ruined the lives of women in the west (while doing little for women with no such opportunities to fight for their own freedom in other countries, but that’s not the topic at hand here) by forcing the idea on women that to want a man is bad.  That to want fidelity and a stable committed relationship is selling out cheap.  That to want to be a home maker with a bread winner husband is enforcing misogynistic ideas and patriarchy.  Never mind the fact it worked for THOUSANDS OF YEARS leave it to the late second wave and the third wave of feminists to throw all that out.  Experience means nothing to vapid man-hating feminists of the 21st century.

Another complaint is that feminism has muddied the waters when it comes to gender relations that it has driven singles with traditional values looking for lifetime mates into the closet.  One is made to feel less than human by their brainwashed peers because they haven’t had sex despite being in their twenties and the prime of life.  I’m sorry that I believe it is a sacred act both in the state God created it and in a state of nature with natural law.  It is proven that people who save themselves for their lifetime partner have better lives both in and outside of the bedroom.  The persistence that “rape culture” exists in the West has demasculated men to the point that they dare not say boo to a goose, much less hi to a girl.  Women have been fed the line that they can live hedonistic self serving lives and never reap any of the consequences of promiscuity. Traditional men and women are left trying to find their like minded counterparts while trying to be silent about how they really feel about gender relations, because men will be attacked by angry feminazis claiming his desire to have a wife and children enforce the patriarchy that oppresses these women who are free to pursue whatever careers they like and dress however they please despite the disgust or lust it might elicit in those around them.  And on the other side a woman with a desire for a classic lifestyle from the era before feminism is despised by her feminist acquaintances and thought of as prey and conquest to those metrosexual males who are living the lifestyle that feeds the promiscuity endorsed by feminism despite the fact that these men are the biggest haters of women, considering as they only see them as ways to fulfill basic animal desires while nice guys are marginalized and made fun of for their antiquated ways at the very least.

This next grievance is not a personal one but one I have seen affect people I know personally.  That is the persistence on post-consent morning after decision changes ruining the credibility of actual rape victims.  The rape culture adherents apply the word so liberally that they are the proverbial boy crying wolf.  The more they put the word to things so much as an offensive comment or a catcall the less people listen to the actual victims who despite being brave enough to go public after a violent and traumatizing encounter that violates every part of a woman and leaves scars for life are ignored because the over reactive nonsensical social justice warriors have so warped the view of this heinous act.

Feminism has also ruined my life by telling me that desiring a simple traditional life is inadequate, that I’m “part of the problem” because I don’t want to set men on fire and become the next Beyonce, Hillary Clinton or Cher. Because for some inane reason my life must meet this ever changing and increasingly absurd criteria in order for my voice to be relevant.  For some reason it is now incumbent upon me to explain why I haven’t finished my degree yet, or why I’m not shacking up with some handsome man or out carousing downtown when in the time my parents were growing up there were no such expectations on a person’s life, particularly a woman’s.  The expectation that might have been there was why at the prime of my life I wasn’t wed and enjoying life with a husband, but who knows, back then I might have been able to find a man who hasn’t had his masculinity stripped by growing up in a culture where the entertainment industry has drug the glory of his gender into the dirt and given him two choices; to be the butt of the joke (Ray Ramano’s character in Raymond) or to be the player (Charlie Sheen’s character in Two and a Half Men)  the examples of strong men who knew how to lead are gone from entertainment.  Unless these men as boys were exposed to the likes of John Wayne’s characters and other classic male leads in films, their entertainment has fed them the idea that men are useless pushovers or that they need to have a new fling each week.  Rare characters like Captain America are downplayed by media as lame and outdated and banal. Which leaves women looking for real men wondering where on God’s green earth all the good guys have gotten off to.

The last complaint is one that is not personal but ethical and it is that now that feminism has infiltrated most people’s thought processes whether consciously or subconsciously (and even my own have had to been purged occasionally of the tripe that has trickled in despite my best efforts)  and that women are now getting promotions, advancement, degrees, raises and other perks just for being women.  Because the theoretical male entitlement issues have been replaced by actual female entitlement issues that are also applicable to minorities.  Where men are not receiving they positions they are better qualified for because the company wants to look good by having women on staff despite the fact that they may have hired a female to be a mechanic who couldn’t tell you the difference between a crescent wrench and a monkey wrench!

And one final personal pet peeve of mine to all the people who shout feminism means equality.  First off, why don’t you just call yourself an egalitarian then, and second, why the war on men if it’s just a movement for equality.  Equality means everyone is equal (not necessarily the same) it means were I to marry in the future I, as a happy and satisfied housewife would be equal with my businessman husband.  It also means that in that same scenario I, as a mother and wife who tends the house am equal with my money-making female counterparts who decided to pursue lucrative careers.




Pride in the Past (but not all of it)


The three words that the French Revolution revolved around establishing for all of mankind.  We still fight to uphold them today.

I’m here to talk about Equality and Fraternity right now, because there is a distortion of what those two are about these days.  The idea that equality is somehow only for a certain people group, and that others don’t deserve the same rights as others.  That certain peoples whose ancestors were mistreated by certain others’ ancestors somehow strips the rights from the descendants.  This problem exists not just between races and classes but between the genders.  We’ve strived to make everything so equal that it’s now become imbalanced, just in a new direction.

A little girl can wear an attitude T that says “Girls rule the world” but if a boy were to wear a shirt saying the same thing there would be outrage at the parents for raising a sexist chauvinist.  A woman of African descent can wear a shirt that says “Black Girls are the Best” (I’ve seen both of these t-shirts in real life!) but if I, a white Northern European descended female were to wear anything that said “White girls are the best” I’d be glared at, mobbed as racist, and probably kicked out of the store.  The only time white people are allowed to be like I’m so proud of my heritage is on Saint Patrick’s Day, we can wear the “Nothing better than an Irish Girl” shirts and no one is going to judge.  Try wearing anything glorying in your heritage any other time of the year?

I’m not saying the African-Americans shouldn’t get to wear their pride on their shirt, I’m just saying that equality means I get to be proud of my roots too.  I shouldn’t have to be shamed because some of my forebearers made less than great choices and fought wars, owned slaves, or treated others different because race, gender, money, ancestry.  Their prejudice doesn’t erase the things they accomplished for good.  I’m proud of my English roots because it was in the soil of England that the Reformation took root and spread to the New World.  Did those same Englishmen that brought their Bibles to the Americas also kill and misuse the Native Americans, yes, and I’m not proud of that.  But for every hero there’s a darker side in History, no one is perfect.  And this is where the Fraternity comes in.  We love one another as brothers despite skin color, gender, or ancestry.  The revolutionaries of the French Revolution were very much about seeing you for who you were, not your ancestors, they had the sons of aristocrats aiding their cause as well as the sons of illegitimacy and ignorance.  Nothing is all good, the French Revolution is a prime example of this, it shattered the darkness that had suffocated France for centuries, it also caused wanton bloodshed because of ancient hatreds and resentment against the wealthy.  It started leaving the world in wonder, and ended leaving it horrorstruck.  Prejudice and the corrupt nature of man lead to its fall and the rise of equally awful things and the return of monarchy and then imperialism, but those things don’t ruin the good that it did accomplish.

I’m a woman, and I’m proud to be one.  But does that mean men can’t be proud of their gender too? No! Just because some men in the past made bad choices, doesn’t mean the entire gender has to suffer for the wrongs of their fathers.  They can be proud that due to their gender much of the world as we know it exists as it does.  Is everything in the world good? No! But as a wise man once said “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”

Fraternity, brotherly love, it’s a biblical theme.  And if people were to just see the precepts in God’s Word as a guide, the hatred of today would go away.  The Gospel has brotherly love at it’s core, and when you love your brother equality comes without thought, for how can you not view as an equal someone you love as your own kin?  If the revolutionaries of France had done this, and not allowed egotism and prejudice to blind them, the Terror would not have occurred.

So how about instead of being offended because someone is proud of the fact their grandfather was a hero and saved twenty of his comrades under heavy fire, just because said grandfather was a Confederate in the Civil War, or was a Bolshevik, or a Zulu warrior, we accept that bravery is admirable, and self-sacrifice the greatest glory this life can afford, and don’t judge individuals, now or in the past by the errors of the people group they belonged to, the cause they fought for, the country they originated in, or by their ignorance.  We can look at our own past and find direct family members that we’re proud of, or accomplishments of our people group as a whole, we can empathize with those different from ourselves rather than see what is “wrong” about their cultural heritage and use it to fuel our prejudice.  Our own ignorance of others is the greatest ally that hatred has in our hearts.

And that leads to another core belief at the heart of the French Revolution, eradicating ignorance.  When all are equally educated then you can see others as equals because you both share the common ground of knowledge and a thirst to extend that knowledge.  The more you learn about a people group the more you understand their cultural heritage and why they made the mistakes they did, had the mentality they possessed, and why some aspects of their identity have survived in their posterity.  It helps to see them as equals, because when you study your own heritage you see what your cultural identity gave to you, and you have the choice to rid yourself of some of the bigotry you may have acquired, but also to amplify the virtues your lineage has given you.  When you banish ignorance it is easier to make yourself who you wish to be, not what your culture expects you to be.  Because ignorance is what breeds hate, violence, prejudice, bigotry, superiority complexes, egotism, resentment, jealousy, and so many other vices.

Know more so you can be more! Be more than your own past, or the past of your people! And uphold the words the French rallied to over 200 years ago.  I would recommend supplementing those words with the Gospel, even if you never come to know Christ as your personal Saviour (though I pray you do), there is much wisdom and insight on loving those around you to be found in the Gospels.

Knock it off with the knockoffs!

Alright 21st century knockoff culture rant starting in 3… 2.. 1! Blast off! (can’t say I didn’t warn you!)

I want to know where creativity has went? We’re resuscitating B rated movies from thirty years ago because our culture is so dead.  I mean seriously the only thing that made the original Red Dawn bearable was Swayze and Sheen’s duo, and even with that it was a dreadfully campy movie! Every third movie is a reboot or continuation of something that came from thirty or more years ago.  They’ve tried to relive the glory days of film by doing Biblical epics (like Noah) but they don’t respect the sanctity of the work and they cut corners that were never cut before and expect to equal the splendour of what came before.  Where has imagination went? they just take old films and add more sex and violence and think that makes it better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars! I really do, grew up with starry eyes for Luke Skywalker! but leave the continuations to the fanfiction writers and leave well enough alone.  Stop beating a dead horse.  Think up something new!  We just had a Creed movie after how many Rocky movies? it’s getting silly and almost insulting to the original works.

We can ask where originality went, more than likely it got drowned in a cinema culture that’s saturated in violence and sex and gaudy special effects with no substance.  I want to see a Renaissance where inspiration is found in the classics, not the need to redo, continue, or modernize them.  The artists of the Renaissance didn’t rewrite Homer and Virgil, they were inspired by them to create works of art of their own.  Statuary and painting, poetry and philosophy, they flourished in the 15th through 18th century, spanning Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment, because they were inspired by the past, not determined to take it, rewrite it, modernize it for their times, and essentially drag it through the mud.

We want to glorify the wrong things in today’s culture, sex is our new god and thought is discouraged in favour of self-seeking pleasure, vicarious living of our wildest vices are fed to us by Hollywood and we plunge head first into a world where nothing is noble and pure because our flesh is weak and then we excuse it as just a movie.  Everything that is sinful is glorified and all things pure are put down as lame and uncool or at the least unbelievable and unrealistic.  No one waits for marriage! no one resists the temptation to take advantage of someone else for their own gain! Cinema has taught us to be selfish.  And has done so at a low cost, simply taking old movies that had some quality (at least some of them) and making cheap knockoffs with less quality and less moral and more vice and more gaudy special effects with little or no substance.

Women are NOT minorities.

Let me just repeat that women are NOT minorities.

So often you hear women just being lumped in with minority groups or just presumed as one, which is ridiculous.  There are more women on this planet than men and we obviously come in every size, shape, color, social class, and from all regions of the earth, we’re kind of necessary for life like that.  So when someone refers to women and minorities as if they’re the same thing it kind of bothers me.  Like we’re some oppressed, deprived, under privileged waifs in need of legislation to make the world all rosy and peaches for us.  Excuse you we are the most dominant people group on the planet.  And with every first world country now having equal rights we really hold a lot of power, we just tend to use it wrong.

We don’t use our massive majority to effect change as much as we do to just bitch about stuff and how about our lot in life is so unfair, replacing the idea of the knight in shining armor (because that’s SO sexist and unfair) with the great and glorious government, who will solve all our woes and trials if they just pass this or that law or legislation.  Rather than getting off our can and forging the way despite adversity we sit and whine about what we don’t like.  Hate to break it to my fellow females but maybe the reason you’re not getting that promotion isn’t because you’re a woman it might be because you’re a sniveling brat with entitlement issues who doesn’t want to work and wants things handed to her.  Just saying that could be the case.

I’m not saying sexism doesn’t exist, but it exists on both sides.  Women sit around and gossip about how terrible men are or have been to them, we drag a whole group of people down because of a few bad apples that we’ve picked.  But the men aren’t up in arms about how we limit them to a few shallow stereotypes.

We complain about the objectification of our sex and how womanhood is being degraded.  But think how much would be done for the reduction of objectification if women stopped buying Vogue and Cosmopolitan until they started writing about more than just diets, fashion and sex.  As not only the predominant people group on the planet but also the chief spenders, especially in areas of clothing and cosmetics, we wield a lot of power.  If women helped each other rather than sitting in judgement on one another then how much more change could we effect.

We complain that we’re only noticed for our bodies but still bind ourselves in chains as willing slaves to fashion, when we, to quote Shakespeare “we are the makers of fashion”.  If we didn’t buy skin-tight clothes or super short skirts then the companies would stop selling them and the designers would go looking for a trend that would sell.  And before anyone gets on their high horse about how it shouldn’t matter what a woman is wearing or not wearing she should always be respected.  That is true, to a point.  Respect yes.  But don’t expect a guy to take you too seriously when your tatas are hanging out to here! It’s life, you’re trying to deny the existence of hormones.  Guys are gonna look and they might not listen to what you have to say, no matter how clever, when your cleavage is staggering.  And I’m not saying guys can’t think while in the presence of an attractive woman, not true.  What I am saying is that wearing revealing clothes detracts from the amount of serious consideration a woman will receive.  It’s life, it’s the birds and the bees, it’s how things work.  Women aren’t guiltless in the reverse either.  I mean how closely are you going to be listening to what Mr. Chiseled-Chest is saying as he walks around shirtless?  You’ll listen but you’ll also be distracted by what you see.  I mean I’ve experienced this, one of my good guy pals wasn’t even shirtless, it was just the top two or three buttons on his shirt that were undone and I literally spaced out for a half minute on what he was saying because I was admiring the proper and perfectly adequate amount of chest hair that God had endowed him with while standing across from him.  Was I “objectifying” him, not really, distraction because of attraction happens.  I mean seriously, if our brains didn’t get fuzzy because of hormones I doubt as many people would be getting busy.  I mean seriously? take out attraction and the brainfuzz it causes and sex is just a little less appealing.

So in conclusion, we women should stop trying to pin the blame on men, stop whining about everything, actually embrace the fact that we hold a great deal of power and with great power comes great responsibility and most importantly, we should stop judging each other and instead try to help each other out.  Don’t silently stand in judgement of the girl who poses for dirty magazines that you went to high school with, reach out and try to help her out.  Just stop judging each other on shallow things and stop gossiping and try to help one another.  I mean we’re the largest people group on the planet, if we just did that, if women just stopped bickering and backstabbing and judging and gossiping just imagine how much the world would change.  Let’s stop asking the government to solve every problem and whining about CEOs and focus on a little tranquility between each other first.

Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

So often in today’s society you read news articles covering people’s outrage over something unworthy of anyone’s fury. From the outcry that the Rebel Flag be removed from everywhere forever to the recent freakout over the tacky frat boys’ signs about freshman girls. I mean they were in poor taste yes, but promoting rape culture?  Not so much.
If anyone gets the least bit offended by something an outpouring occurs demanding people be reprimanded, establishments be razed to the ground and all traces be obliterated into dust.
Except… Except if you hold a traditional or conservative view of things. Then you better keep your mouth shut if you think children’s shows that have homosexuals are not just the best thing ever or that girls should try and wear more clothing out in public or that immoral behaviour in tv shows is offensive. Then it’s off with your head. If you point out that maybe it’s because of our society’s decline that we have people shooting others for little or no reason or that it’s because we’ve robbed men of their rights as men and then vilified them that we have them being openly rude and unruly towards women. Whoa!  You can’t say stuff like that. You’re so backwards!
There is so much to be outraged about like the starving and war and the uneducated not flags and frat boy’s.