Sadder than the Winter Soldier’s story.

The fandom life is one of feelings and heated debates over motives and the future of fictional characters that you’ve found yourself emotionally involved with.  Which to a person who doesn’t “feel the feels” seems completely mental.  I mean Bucky Barnes is not real! and why are you crying over Rue, she’s a fictional girl in a book? and what was that inhuman squeal I just heard?

But why are we so connected up with characters we read or see on screen? what makes us just latch on and want to hug that character with all our hearts?

Here’s my notion on the emotions over fictional characters.  It’s because they’ve let us get to know them.  Obviously they didn’t consent, the writers wrote them, they haven’t sat down to coffee with us though we’ve sat down to coffee with them as we read Lord of the Rings in our local coffee hangout.  But the character’s souls have been bared to us in a way few of our living breathing fellow human beings in actual reality would ever let us get to know them.

Our society is one of shallow friendships and fleeting relationships and here are these people, made real to us by our sight and imagination, and they’re vulnerable enough to allow us to empathize with their woes.  The people we actually know won’t let us get to know them so we go and fill the void with fictitious personages to ease that need to be trusted by others.

If people spent more time and weren’t so defensive and allowed others to get to know them and visa versa then maybe, for all it’s glory, the fandom life would not be so vital to us.  But with people always holding us at arms length those of us who feel keenly the need to let in on what makes others tick find our solace in the pages of books and the films of the fandom variety.

There’s a sad want for true connection between living breathing human beings and so the fandom lifestyle has grown in accordance.  It would be nice, as much as I love the fandom life, to see it’s prominence diminish in favor of actual people letting each other in and bearing each other’s burdens like the fangirls are burdened with our glorious feels!



Knock it off with the knockoffs!

Alright 21st century knockoff culture rant starting in 3… 2.. 1! Blast off! (can’t say I didn’t warn you!)

I want to know where creativity has went? We’re resuscitating B rated movies from thirty years ago because our culture is so dead.  I mean seriously the only thing that made the original Red Dawn bearable was Swayze and Sheen’s duo, and even with that it was a dreadfully campy movie! Every third movie is a reboot or continuation of something that came from thirty or more years ago.  They’ve tried to relive the glory days of film by doing Biblical epics (like Noah) but they don’t respect the sanctity of the work and they cut corners that were never cut before and expect to equal the splendour of what came before.  Where has imagination went? they just take old films and add more sex and violence and think that makes it better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars! I really do, grew up with starry eyes for Luke Skywalker! but leave the continuations to the fanfiction writers and leave well enough alone.  Stop beating a dead horse.  Think up something new!  We just had a Creed movie after how many Rocky movies? it’s getting silly and almost insulting to the original works.

We can ask where originality went, more than likely it got drowned in a cinema culture that’s saturated in violence and sex and gaudy special effects with no substance.  I want to see a Renaissance where inspiration is found in the classics, not the need to redo, continue, or modernize them.  The artists of the Renaissance didn’t rewrite Homer and Virgil, they were inspired by them to create works of art of their own.  Statuary and painting, poetry and philosophy, they flourished in the 15th through 18th century, spanning Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment, because they were inspired by the past, not determined to take it, rewrite it, modernize it for their times, and essentially drag it through the mud.

We want to glorify the wrong things in today’s culture, sex is our new god and thought is discouraged in favour of self-seeking pleasure, vicarious living of our wildest vices are fed to us by Hollywood and we plunge head first into a world where nothing is noble and pure because our flesh is weak and then we excuse it as just a movie.  Everything that is sinful is glorified and all things pure are put down as lame and uncool or at the least unbelievable and unrealistic.  No one waits for marriage! no one resists the temptation to take advantage of someone else for their own gain! Cinema has taught us to be selfish.  And has done so at a low cost, simply taking old movies that had some quality (at least some of them) and making cheap knockoffs with less quality and less moral and more vice and more gaudy special effects with little or no substance.