Oh Doctor! My Doctor!

As the ninth series of Doctor Who came to a close this Christmas with the Christmas Special I was struck by how much Capaldi has come to mean to me as my Doctor.  Does this mean that I’ve stopped picturing the 10th coming to my door in the middle of a rainy night in the TARDIS to take me away on fabulous adventures in space and time? No.  It just means that I can also occasionally picture 12 doing the same.  Not something I ever expected to see happen.  So while 10 will always be my Doctor, because he was my first, and because well, David Tennant is the most perfect looking man on this whole earth, I’ve also found room in my heart for a second favourite, just slightly below his majesty David Great-Hair!

And the best thing about 12 is that you love him because you know you do.  Not like 10 or 11 where you love them but hey, they’re really attractive too! 12’s appeal comes from his attitude, his outrageous sass and not giving a damn but on the other hand caring so much that you can see he’s in physical pain.  The moralizing and philosophical Doctor.  But also the hothead.

That’s what I love about him, is he’s such an odd mixture of opposites. He’s the grumpy old man, but also the scared schoolboy, hesitant and unsure of himself for most of his first season.  And he’s the ancient, the forgiver of unimaginable wrongs, but also the man with all the patience of a toddler.  He’s the philosopher and the angst-ridden teenager all at once.  And what I love most is he’s very much me.  He has a short fuse and little patience but for those he loves he’s quick to forgive and eager to help, and would do anything for them.  His loyalty to Clara knows no bounds, it exceeds his love of his own people and planet.  He cares so much. He also has finally reached the point in his life (the Doctor as a whole, not just 12) where he doesn’t give a flying leap what others think, he’s not only “not your boyfriend” but he’s also not caring what you think of him.  Just look at his outfit, it’s so much more conservative than the suit and Chucks of 10 or the overthetop bowtie wearing, fez topped absurdity that 11’s outfit got into.  Twelve dresses in what he likes best, even if it is a dressy semi-formal jacket with a hoodie underneath and a checkered pair of pants, but despite the hodgepodge of what goes into his outfit, it’s still conservative and not ostentatious in the least (except maybe the red lining in the jacket, but hey, gotta have a little flair!)

In summary, I’m in love with the Twelfth Doctor and have no shame about this! And this last season exceeded all expectations, blew my mind, and made me feel feelings more than I’ve ever felt before (well, except Doomsday, nothing hurts worse than Doomsday!) and not all sad, some of them were those beautiful and sad feelings like what Ashildr talks about.  Where it’s both.  Which I loved how that nodded back to Sally Sparrow and her “Sad is happy to deep people” line to her best friend.  Anyways, if you haven’t seen Series Nine yet, do it! 12 is on his feet and dashing all apprehensions you may have had about him (though how you could I don’t understand… he discusses the colors of his kidneys and calls a Dinosaur a “big sexy woman”! He’s brilliant, not to mention dueling Robin Hood with a spoon!)