To believe

It is strange how strongly the human heart fights against belief.  Against accepting the fact that come what may our Father is in charge and nothing happens that is not His will.  Even if we don’t like it, or don’t understand it, he knows what is going on every second of our lives, even when we sleep.  He knows our dreams and He knows every step we take.  He keeps track of every hair on our head.

So when we face trials we should be able to rest in the peace that God’s got this.  Even if we’re just lost and confused and want answers now, and we get angry when things don’t go the way we planned, we can always come back around to the fact that He has a plan.  even if we are scared of what could be the future.

He is in charge in all things.  So before we step into that interview, or have that talk with someone in our life, we know that God has it in His hands and we’ll always be taken care of.  Even if it ends bad, or we fail to get what we went out for, we can be at peace knowing that God has better plans in store for us.  Just maybe not right now.


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